Alternative Investments in Nepal

We are Private Equity and Venture Capital principals.

We are committed to the growth of Nepal’s private sector in general and evolution of the private equity and venture capital space in particular.

We contribute to entrepreneurial development and economic growth in Nepal by helping businesses become more structured, marketable, profitable and sustainable.

We embrace high governance standards and seek to inculcate the same in our portfolio companies and clients.


Where do we invest?

We invest in companies with disruptive business models that create new markets, implement innovation in business processes, and have the potential to rapidly expand and scale.

Whilst we are sector and size-agnostic, we have a preference for technology and tech-enabled businesses. Our investment pipeline comprises of early growth stage firms looking to raise capital and strategic management support.

How do we invest?

We take up significant minority stakes between 10% to 49%. We use ordinary & preference shares, debt and purchase order as instruments. Our approach includes on-boarding co-investment partners that can bring additional value to the investee firm.

When needed, we provide technical support for better governance, risk management, strategic advisory, and business networks.

What do we seek?

We focus on helping our investee firms grow to be leading companies in their sectors within 5-7 years.

We expect reasonable financial returns on our investments through strategic sale or public listing. In some cases, the founders may be required to provide us exits. We also seek to measure our returns in terms of environmental and social impact that our partners create.

Over the years, we have established a track record of positive exits from all our investments.

Investment Management

Experiential Knowledge

Our key shareholders and partners have demonstrated track records in establishing and scaling businesses in Nepal. The management team comprises of young professionals with prior experience managing investments, from deal sourcing and structuring to exiting.

Our team's experience spans practical aspects of a wide range of fields, including legal, accounting, finance, marketing, on-the-ground operations, strategy, technology, and data.

We manage our investments hands-on. Throughout our investment, from screening till exit, we work directly with the companies at all levels, from strategic to the tactical.


Besides making and managing our own investments, we do the same for our co-investment partners as well. We screen, negotiate and structure a deal and manage the investment through to exit for our co-investment partners.

We also provide our investment management services, according to their investment framework, to our partners even when we are not co-investing.

Advisory and Consulting

We provide customized advisory and consulting services to companies of all stages and sizes: start-ups to corporates to listed companies. The services we provide encompass multiple domains including strategy, accounting, finances, marketing, operations, human resources, technology and more. Some of the services that we provide include: fundraising, including both sell-side and buy-side, business valuation, pitch documentation, mergers and acquisition, due-diligence analysis, financial advisory, and internal audit.