Ready to Scale?

If you run a validated business with product-market fit and operational systems in place and are looking to scale it rapidly, Pitch Fridays is a platform for you.

What is Pitch Fridays?

Pitch Fridays is a platform that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with investors and service providers. The program arranges pitch sessions in which entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to relevant investors to pursue growth capital, and access to networks, partners, and services.

What is Process for Pitch Fridays??

  1. Sign Up for Pitch Fridays
  2. Businesses and entrepreneurs can sign up for a Pitch Friday session through the form available here. The form requests information about the business across seven sections. Applicants are encouraged to provide detailed and accurate information. Insufficient and less detailed information might result to lower chances in the screening step.

  3. Screening
  4. The True North Associates (TNA) team will go over submissions and reach out to investors whose interests align with the business which could also include TNA itself. A virtual pitch session will be organized after investors have been on-boarded.

  5. Call for a Pitch Friday Session
  6. Applicants will be informed about the pitch session organized for them a few days prior to the event. They can also be asked to furnish more information, re-structure their pitch-deck, etc during this time.

  7. Pitch Friday
  8. During the pitch event, the businesses will get to present their case to investors following the format as specified below.

    • 10 minutes for presenters' personal introductions.
    • 20 minutes for the business pitch.
    • Upto 30 minutes for questions and answers.
  9. Follow-Ups
  10. The TNA team will get in touch with the businesses if investment interest is expressed by any of the investor audience. TNA will also facilitate the entire process for both parties if so required. The follow-ups will not be limited to investment opportunities. It could also involve further pitch events for a different set of investors, to communicate opportunities other than investment, or to keep in touch with business’ development.

If the form above causes problems. Please use the form at this link.