We invest in private and public companies, institutions, and individuals generally to fund their business expansion. We generally take up strategic minority stakes and contribute to companies’ strategic management and governance aspects in addition to leveraging on our network to help them scale up.

As General Partners, we manage a portfolio of investments on behalf of our co-investors comprising of large companies and high net-worth individuals.

We are sector agnostic with a general focus on businesses with disruptive business models.


We provide strategic consulting and advisory services mainly in the areas of:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Project Finance

Corporate Finance

Financial Planning & Control


Human Resources


By using our in-house network of people and firms, we help clients gain access to ideas and resources that help them to reach their true potential. We believe in using international best practices to advise clients to think globally but act locally.


We manage assets on behalf of individuals or institutions by either bringing in strategic investors and partners or by installing the right management and operational teams that can extract the maximum value from those assets.

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